Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Twas the Eve of Thanksgiving

Twas the Eve of Thanksgiving

Twas the Eve of Thanksgiving
when I saw with much dread,
I had no more pie filling
and was all out of bread.

So I called to my pup
and we sprang to the car,
Heading off to Food Lion.
It was not very far.

Why this won't take long,
with my service pup...but
the day before Thanksgiving?
Was I crazy or what?

Dash away, with pup Dorian
My stocks to supply.
Back home we will be
In the wink of an eye. 

First stop is the bread aisle.
Stocking shelves by the way,
was a man - would you know,
he had something to say?

"Your dog looks so spoiled!"
"Just look at him lay
Sprawled there on the floor.
What a silly display."

As I'm mulling this over 
My mind in a fog,
He asks if I brought in
My own personal guard dog.

"Of course," I think dryly,
"grocer stores scare me silly.
All shoppers should bring one!"
(Ah no - not really).

Dash away, dash away
come Dorian, away!
Escape from this madness,
Almost Thanksgiving Day!

Over by produce,
Hover two ladies who spy
my approach with the puppy
And one gives a cold eye.

"Dogs should not be
in this store," she pronounces.
As a cat on a bird
she stalks and she pounces.

"These pups have a purpose."
I attempt to explain.
Yet to her the best dog
is staked out on a chain.

Dash away, dash away,
To the aisle with the cream,
If we don't escape soon,
I surely will scream.

"Mommy, a dog!"
Shrieks a toddler in tow. 
"Hush, baby!" says Mom. 
In a voice not too low.

"The poor lady can't see
 And the dog is to help."
"Can't she see me read labels?"
I am wanting to yelp.

Dash away, my young Dorian,
I say with a croon,
Our time at Food Lion
Will end very soon.

Yes, soon we'll be home,
and tomorrow we'll pray,
and thank God for His blessings,
this Thanksgiving Day.

For so much we are thankful,
Raising puppies is one.
Interesting, challenging,
NEVER dull...mostly fun!

***This poem is based on an actual experience I had last Thanksgiving Eve with my guide pup in training, Dorian, 10.5 months old at the time, when we did some last-minute grocery shopping. Of course as a puppy raiser, encounters like these can happen often, especially when you least expect them. It happened last Thanksgiving Eve we had all these encounters in a 20-minute period. Now, a year later, I can still vividly remember, and laugh about it!

P.S. I also make sure not to shop that day.

Current service pup in training Piper at 7 months.

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