Davey's 1st time in harness.   
Dave's Statistics
Yellow male Lab x Golden Retriever
DOB:  June 10, 2008
Litter:  Gigi and Alee, 9 puppies
Tattoo: 3Q8
Puppy raisers:  Lena and Jenny Cole, received at 10 weeks of age
Origin of name:  Name of a faithful donor
IFT Day:  Nov. 2, 2009
Matched:  May, 2010 @ 23 months, living now in Florida 

A "50-50" Puppy
Davey was our 3rd guide dog puppy in training, our 2nd one with Southeastern Guide Dogs. Half Lab and half Golden Retriever, Dave was our first "Goldador". Lena and I made a bargain with each other:  we would co-raise Dave, so that each week he went to community college with her two days and with me to my job 2 days. In one of Lena's classes he was put on the role and the teacher commented that Dave had a better attendance record than several of his students! Two days a week he went to the office with me where I worked as a geologist. After work he went jogging with me through the streets of Chatham.

Davey's SEGD harness photo

Good-Time Dave
Lena's first meeting with Dave at 10 weeks of age.
Dave has always been a happy-go-lucky sort. Ever ready for a frolic, life is one big party for Dave and his happy nature endeared him to many. 

"Good-time" Dave's nature is embodied in this photo!

First time going down the porch steps!


Chicago is Dave's Kind of Town
Dave took several trips during his time with us. As a 4-5 month old puppy he flew to Chicago when Frank and I visited our son, Sam, who was attending Wheaton College. Davey got some big-city exposures, including the time we got trapped on an elevator at the train station. Several people panicked but Davey saw it as a chance to get some much needed shut-eye after all that commuting!

Davey's first flight.
Frank and Dave at O'Hare Airport, Chicago.

Dave and Jenny in the Windy City.
In the fall of 2010, I got a job teaching geology at Danville Community College, while Lena left for college up north, ending her days as a puppy-raiser. Davey had a great time going on field trips to the Museum of Natural History and the landfill where students learned what happens to all the refuse we so blithely throw away.

Taking a college field trip to the local landfill - educational!
 A College of His Own
Davey headed back to HIS college, Southeastern Guide Dog school, in late October. By the following spring he was matched with a wonderful lady named Patricia. It was a match made in heaven. We still see him and his family every time we visit Florida.
 This photo from the 2011 Southeastern Guide Dog calendar features Patricia and Dave.

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