Ranger's Statistics
Black male Lab
DOB:  August 14, 2009
Litter:  Miss Faye and Tony
Tattoo:  1P09
Puppy raiser:  Jenny Cole, received at 9 weeks
Origin of name:  Sponsor's beloved pet
IFT Day:  Oct 7, 2010
Matched:  May, 2011 @ 21 months, living now in Florida 

Ranger's litter of 7 puppies at Southeastern Guide Dog school. 

Little Ranger shortly after we got him at 9 weeks.

I actually overlapped and was puppy raising 2 dogs for 2 weeks:  little Ranger and Dave, who was almost finished and ready to go in for training. Here they both are at Danville Community College where I was an adjunct teacher of geology.

Mr. Steady 
Ranger was a very solid, steady, smart and serious puppy from an early age on. That's not to say he didn't have his wild puppy moments, but he was, for the most part, born to be a working dog. He was easy to raise and hardly ever caused me any grief (except for the time he killed my burning bush - but I forgive him).

A very special time my family and I had with Ranger was our trip to Denali National Park, Alaska. Because Ranger was a guide puppy in training he could accompany us anywhere in the park and ride the camp buses. This was not the case for pet dogs, who were only allowed at the campgrounds and were strictly forbidden access into the wild and scenic areas of Denali.

Ranger in front of Mount McKinley.

Ranger on Puppy Raiser Day with Bob his new partner and a SEGDI trainer.


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