Allen's Statistics
Yellow male Lab x Golden Retriever
DOB: Feb. 9, 2007
Southeastern Guide Dogs, Palmetto, FL
Origin of his name: named after sponsor's grandson, Allen, who has a congenital eye disease.
Puppy Raiser: Lena Cole
Matched: at 23 months of age, living in Kentucky

Since we had moved from Alaska to Virginia, we switched guide dog schools. Allen was our first guide puppy from Southeastern Guide Dogs.
Little Allen his first day - Lena took him to a school presentation, where he promptly fell asleep.

Allen attended classes with Lena at Danville Community College, VA. Since she had just moved from Alaska, having Allen made it easier for Lena to make friends.

Allen with his namesake, Allen.
Allen swapping howdies with someone small.
Allen's quizzical look.
Allen with his new partner, Patti. Taken on Puppy Raiser Day at the guide dog school, April, 2009.


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