Emmy's Statistics:
Emmy and pumpkins - taken her first day at home.
Yellow female Lab
DOB:  August 31, 2010
Litter:  V10; Heather x Bob litter; 4 yellow and 5 black
Tattoo:  1V10
Date I received her:  Nov. 8, 2010 @ 10 weeks
Origin of her name:  Sponsor's grandson named her because... "just liked the name."
IFT:  October 29, 2011 @ 14 months
Matched:  April, 2012 @ 20 months, now living in Kentucky

Emmy's Excursions
Emmy was our family's 5th guide puppy and we shared many adventures and travels together. She went to community college with me while I taught geology classes. She splashed in tide-pools along the Pacific coast...

Emmy has "Asian eyes".

and lived in an Alaskan gold camp in the dead of winter.

Emmy and I at the gold camp, Livengood, Alaska

One dark fall evening while camping in the Appalachians, we had an unhappy encounter with a skunk. And there were many more adventures...

There is a sweetness about Emmy that is unrivaled in any of my other pups. Her forever partner calls her "Princess Emmy" and the name fits her perfectly.

Emmy with her trainer at the guide dog school, with her trademark tilt of the head.

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