Sunday, July 7, 2013


Piper is transforming before my very eyes.
Piper loves helping me haul away grass in the wheelbarrow.
It is wonderful to watch. His once snubby snout is now elongate, with a surprisingly large black nose on the end. His legs are getting gangly, his back feet reminiscent of a long-legged hare's. His tail has become a whip almost the length of Wrangell's tail. When he runs he can really eat up the ground, albeit Piper's paws aren't quite in synch with each other and the resulting scramble is hilarious.

Inside he is transforming as well. To my great relief he is not so high maintenance. Honestly I am not that crazy about the tiny puppy stage. Cute as they are, they are SO, SO needy. It seems as if you never stop asking yourself  "Does Piper need a ....?" Fill in the blank with nap, food, water, toy or the ever-popular potty break. When you're not doing that, you're stopping Puppy from doing bodily harm to you, your stuff or themselves. It hearkens back to my young-mother-with-toddler days.

Now Piper is learning the rules. I no longer have to spray down walls, molding, cabinets, appliances, table and chair legs, tablecloths, and baby gates with Bitter Apple. Bouts of restlessness, whining, barking and contrary behavior (what I call the bear cub spells) are becoming less frequent. Instead he seems more grounded, happier, and in control of himself. He and I are becoming best buds and learning to read each other's cues.

Piper staying cool in the horse trough.

Maybe I am just on a cloud because Piper actually slept partway thru a church service today (believe me, there was some PR praise going on there)! Maybe it's because he didn't try to gnaw and chew at little fingers afterwards. Maybe I am on a coasting section of the Puppy Raiser Road. I know it won't last, but right now I am basking in the sun watching Piper transform.


  1. Aww, what a sweet boy! The 15 weeks-6 month age is one of my favorites! They are settling in and for the most part know the rules, but haven't hit the rebellious stage. Heck, Dante was easier to live with at 5 months than between 8-12, hehe!

  2. Thank you Hannah! Yes he is getting to be just plain fun now, and trying to be a good boy as well. I hope it lasts a long long while (hope hope).