Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bed of Roses .... or Battleground?

For Christmas the dogs got an awesome new  bed. Actually the official name is a Kakadu Elevated Pet Cot, with legs which stand several inches off the ground. Stretched tightly across the metal framework is a piece of tough, canvas-like material fastened with Velcro. The canvas can be removed and washed.

Initially we got an extra-large size for $47, which turned out to be spacious enough to hold two Lab-sized dogs comfortably. Only problem is...our living/family room doesn't have a space big enough to hold it, since it's 4 feet long and 3 feet wide! 

Wrangell and Dorian share the extra-large pet cot which was 4' x 3'. It was great for two Labs. Too bad the cot didn't fit our little family room and had to be returned.

Sadly, we returned it and got a size large. This fits nicely in a niche between the couch and the wall. To say the dogs love it is an understatement. Wrangell snores away as if on a bed of roses during the day.  Eventually Wrangell has to get up to eat or go outside or play and Hazel quickly slips in. She is not willing to give it up when Dorian comes over. Her low growls are meant to discourage Dorian but being a 1 year old Lab he doesn't get it and attempts to squeeze in.

Here is Wrangell curled up sleeping on the size large pet cot. He obviously is quite comfortable. In fact, the snore decibel level has definitely gone up lately. This size fits one 70-lb Lab nicely and works better for our small house. He still has to take turns with the other two dogs.

So now we have a battleground - 3 dogs and only one awesome comfy cot. Recently we have ordered a second cot in a size medium ($28) for Hazel. Since she is a little smaller at 55 lbs, she should fit on it nicely and the two big boys can still curl up on it. We think it will be just the right size to fit under the kitchen table against the wall.

Here it is - the new size medium cot which fits nicely under the kitchen table. As you can see Dorian, the 66-lb Lab, just fits but still finds it just fine. Because the cot is so lightweight it is very easy to move around the house.
  We will still have a battleground, I'm guessing. Three dogs and two cots! But they will just have to take turns. There are always the floor blankets....

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